Zellige Tile 2x2 Square - Clotted Cream
Zellige Tile 2x2 Square - Clotted Cream
Zellige Tile 2x2 Square - Clotted Cream
Zellige Tile 2x2 Square - Clotted Cream
Zellige Tile 2x2 Square - Clotted Cream
Zellige Tile 2x2 Square - Clotted Cream
Zellige Tile 2x2 Square - Clotted Cream
Zellige Tile 2x2 Square - Clotted Cream
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Zellige 2x2 Square
Clotted Cream

$28.08 / sq ft
$302.14 / box

60 boxes in stock

10.76 sq ft / box
400 tiles / box
2 x 2 x 0.48 in.

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60 boxes in stock

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Zellige tiles are hand-cut, glazed ceramic tiles made of Moroccan clay. These stunning tiles have exceptional color, rich and nuanced color variation, wonderful surface texture and a brilliant finish across which light gracefully dances. The popham design ZELLIGE collection aims to introduce some new shapes, scale and color combinations to this ancient medium, a similar edit that we brought to concrete tiles. Consider it a fresh eye on traditional geometries.

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Box Weight: 44 lbs

Tiles Per Box: 400
Sq Ft Per Box: 10.76
Tile Size (WxL): 2 x 2
Tile Thickness: 0.48
Tile Shape: Square
Type: Zellige
Color: Clotted Cream
SKU: Z-S50-Z44

Box Size (WxLxH): 10in x 13in x 10in

All tiles are hand made with inherent variation from tile to tile. These standard characteristics enhance the beauty and wear-ability of the product. Given the ingredients and the handmade production, there are a few things you should expect: subtle color and line variation, mild differences in dimensions and thickness, small bumps, and occasional chipped or irregular edges. These subtle variations and irregularities are a natural aspect of our handmade product, lending an authentic charm to every installation.

When considered tile by tile, the variations can be alarming, but a tile installation is the sum of its parts. When dispersed across a floor or wall, the variations result in depth and movement. Also, concrete tiles improve with time and wear, acquiring an exceptional patina and singular texture.

Suitable for indoor wall and light-duty flooring applications. Outdoor use subject to climate and method of installation.
Suitable for use in wet areas such as showers, pools and fountains in high-temperature climates only.
Be advised, pool chemicals may etch glazes over time.

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60 boxes in stock

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popham design tile orders are shipped and delivered by third-party LTL trucking companies.  Orders are delivered curbside.  Each tile box weighs up to 55 pounds.  Since all deliveries are made on pallets, movers may be needed to help move the boxes when they arrive. The delivery driver is only allowed to leave the order at the curb.

The shipping company will be in contact with you to schedule a delivery appointment. Please be sure to provide a current phone number when ordering; if the delivery company cannot reach you once they have collected your order, storage fees may apply.

When your order is delivered, you are responsible for inspecting your order for damage or shortages.  We will endeavor to replace any items damaged in transit as quickly as possible.

popham design does not accept any returns of opened or unopened boxes of tile. Why? Once an order leaves our warehouse, we cannot guarantee the quality of the tiles. We do not sell tile that has left our possession to other customers, which means you are receiving only the highest quality tiles with your order. 

Download a PDF with all our frequently asked questions here

  • How Is Zellige Made?

    Filtered clay is pressed and then cut into slabs. These are trimmed and air dried and then fired in a kiln, becoming what is called biscuit. Glaze is then applied to the biscuit and the tiles are fired a second time. Master cutters then hand cut the tiles one by one into various shapes using a chisel.

  • Where Can Zellige Tiles Be Installed?

    Zellige tiles, because they are glazed, are flexible and can be installed in many situations: bathroom and kitchen floors and walls, countertops, pools, fountains, patios and courtyards.

  • Are There Places Where Zellige Should Not Be Installed?

    Zellige tiles are not recommended for exterior installations in places that experience freeze-thaw conditions. Zellige tiles should not be installed in areas where they will be exposed to heavy loads like a garage or driveway.

  • Do Zellige Tiles Need to Be Sealed?

    A glazed zellige tile does not need to be sealed because the glaze makes it stain and water resistant. However, unglazed tiles are porous and do require sealing before and after installation. We recommend Miracle Sealant’s Porous Plus.

  • Can Zellige Tiles Be Installed in Wet Areas, I.e., Showers, Pools, Etc?

    Yes. Zellige tiles are glazed terra cotta and therefore resist water absorption. So, as long as the underlying installation surface is well waterproofed as well as the grout joints, zellige is perfect for showers, steam rooms, pools.

  • What Should I Expect When Ordering Zellige Tiles?

    A beautiful, handmade product with exceptional color (and color variation), wonderful surface texture and brilliance that light dances across.

  • Can You Explain the Colour Variation I Should Expect with Zellige?

    The enviable variation of surface texture and color in zellige tiles is impacted by the play of light across a reflective surface, but this story of color goes far deeper. The color of zellige is impacted by a myriad of interconnected factors: the surface texture of the tiles; the glazes themselves; the way the glazes are applied; where the tiles are placed in the kiln; and temperature variations and air flow within the kiln itself. There’s a magic and a mystery every time we open the kiln and see what comes out. At popham, we are proponents of deep variation and have developed signature glazes that give this hyper-varied effect. But we understand this isn’t for everyone, so some of our glazes give a more subtle color nuance. To help you understand and order what’s best for you, we’ve rated each of our colors based on the range of variation you can expect: V1 – slight variation, V2 – moderate variation, V3- bonkers variation.

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